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Alanyali & Alanyali’s executive search service is a way to find top-quality executives for local and international markets.
Executive search is essential when a client has need of a senior level manager for a specific role in a confined executive market. Alanyali & Alanyali provides the best suitable candidate within the same or relevant industry by using its novel search methods, locating right candidates for their clients.

The Alanyali & Alanyali Executive Search Process

1. Determination of the Client’s Needs and Position Specification

Understanding the client’s business and corporate culture
Gathering information on the position’s responsibilities, reporting relationships and compensation package
Determining the position’s required qualifications - consisting of ability, personality, the quantity and field of experience

2. Preparation of Proposal and the Search Plan

3. Research and Identification of Candidates

 Determining the target sources
 Conducting our systematic and creative search process
 Using database  and networking
 Approaching prospective candidates

4. Assessment of Candidates

Assessing the candidates according to competency based interview techniques
Preparing a short-list of appropriate candidates

5. Organisation of Client-Candidate Meetings

Scheduling a mutual convenient meeting between the client and candidates
Obtaining feedback from client and candidate after the meeting

6. Reference Check

Conducting the finalist’ s reference check and reporting the results to the client
Offering the job and negotiating the compensation package proposal to the finalist (provided that the client wishes)

7. Completion of The Search

Providing assistance in transition process to the finalist

8. Follow Up

Supporting the new placed employee’s successful integration into the client team
Ensuring the client and employee’s satisfaction

Serving diverse wholly owned subsidiaries of multinationals, joint ventures, and Turkish companies

Service provision for Turkey, CIS, the Middle East Region

A creative and systematic approach to finding the right candidates

Extensive industry experience and knowledge

Combined Search and Selection Approach

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